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Talking Seaweed is a cannabis lifestyle brand founded on the East coast in 2018. Through multi-media, comedy and live events Talking Seaweed is not only giving the entire industry a platform to laugh, learn and reach everyday consumers, but we’re also consistently influencing and defining the East coast cannabis lifestyle. From producing full length (Netflix style) series’, to podcasts, to professional photography, TS delivers high quality, consistent content while fully immersing themselves in the cannabis industry and culture.

...Sorry for wasting your time.

"THE CHAMP SMOKES FACE BLUNTS" is coming to Talking Seaweed

As Talking Seaweed continues to extend our network, we present to you an all new highly controversial, weekly, wrestling themed web series hosted by Dabbin Aladdin, titled "The Champ Smokes Face Blunts" as he once proclaimed outside a boring “weed” party in the theatre district of Boston, MA after refusing to share his marijuana with "ordinary citizens". The new show is coming to in February, 2019.

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