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Talking Seaweed is a cannabis lifestyle brand founded on the East coast in 2018. Through multi-media, comedy and live events Talking Seaweed is not only giving the entire industry a platform to laugh, learn and reach everyday consumers, but we’re also consistently influencing and defining the East coast cannabis lifestyle. From producing full length (Netflix style) series’, to podcasts, to professional photography, TS delivers high quality, consistent content while fully immersing themselves in the cannabis industry and culture.

...Sorry for wasting your time.

EBT accepted at the Aquarium

what's good my Gs??

Talking Seaweed actually got me back for the second time so I guess u was diggin the first one. Salute everyone out there fuckin wit me.

Ever since I been off house arrest I been liking to get dumb high and go on adventures. u know a nigga on a budget so u gotta be creative.

Im a let yall in on a lil secret. If u gotta EBT card in MASS u can get into the aquarium for $5. that save u like $20 something.

What I like to do is get me a edible to eat before I even leave. Debbie on the first floor got them brownees that put u in space no lies. Shit usually take like a hour to kick in so i eat that soon as i wake up and brush my teeth.


When u in the aquarium u cant really smoke but u can vape. if u dont kno about that what u need to do is go 2 the smoke shop and get a battery for $10 then get a cartrige from one of your peoples of that sativa. If u dont kno anyone that got that just ask the nigga at the vape shop. He polly sells them on the side. If u paying more than $40 for 1000 mg then u fuckin up. U want sativa cuz that indica gon have u falling asleep. I like that durban poison but they got other kinds 2. Make sure u charge ur battery all the way up. Them oils get u FUCKED UP so if u never tried that shit take it slow.

Take the train into bean wit ur peoples cuz u don't wanna pay 2 park out there. get off at the aquarium stop off the blue line and its right there. by now u polly starting to feel that brownee kickn in 2. Show ur EBT card at the spot where u pay and get tickets for $5 each. If u bringin a bitch that's a $10 date. Any chick u bring to the aquarium is givin that pussy up. FACTS. if you dont bring a bitch it's even better. The aquarium in full of hoes. U kno how many single moms be takin they kids here ? U get a choice of mad bitches in there. Even if they not single they mans never there wit em. If u cant bag a chick at the aquarium then give up now my Gs

Theres mad shit to see over there too. There is this guy that be going in the big tank n swimming round wit the fuckin sharks too. Last time this dude reach in the tank and stole a shark no lies.


They got penguins in there too. Last time they had this sea lion show too and this big mufucka did all types of tricks an shit. I was dumb high n had more fun than the kids in there. If u hittin that vape on the low ain't no one saying shit to you. Not much smoke to it so no 1 knows.


before you leave visit the gift shop. Hardly no security n there mad shit to take stuff animals, shirts, books. I forgot to say that when u go in there they take ur picture. When u leave they try to sell it to u but if u smart u just pull out ur phone and take a pic of it. So now u leaving with a stuff animal a picture for u an ur date an u only spent $10 plus what u paid to get on the train. Even tho u paid for the vape and cartridge that shit gonna last u a couple weeks. Make sure u take that on every adventure. I take my pen everywhere I go even when I'm taking a shit no lies. I will be back in a week. Peace my Gs. STAY HIGH



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