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Talking Seaweed is a cannabis lifestyle brand founded on the East coast in 2018. Through multi-media, comedy and live events Talking Seaweed is not only giving the entire industry a platform to laugh, learn and reach everyday consumers, but we’re also consistently influencing and defining the East coast cannabis lifestyle. From producing full length (Netflix style) series’, to podcasts, to professional photography, TS delivers high quality, consistent content while fully immersing themselves in the cannabis industry and culture.

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Boosting Tips From G FAM BLACK (Christmas Edition)

Merry Christmas my Gs. It's the best time of year. Cuz its ski mask season. People be lookin at me less for rockin the ski mask in public when it's cold out. In the summer no matter where u go wit a ski mask on mufuckas kno I'm robbin them befor it even happens no lies.

The mall be packed for months befor christmas 2 n u kno I gota couple booster bitches in my stable. This shit right here 1 of my favorite hustles.


First things first I roll me up at least a gram in a wood. I put some oil in that mufucka 2 if I got that. This shit 4 the face cuz i don't trust where these hoes mouth ben. A Nigga need 2 b blazed 2 b round all these white people at the mall. No offence.

I let these bitches take most shit but I b takin shit 2. This year we went str8 for the big price gifts. Jewelry. Small electronic shit. These bitches sell pussy for coke but they boostin game on point like a needle tip. Sometime I dont know they took shit my damn self. Me ina ski mask be distractin eryone the whole time these bitches the 1s takin shit.


The mall b buggin me out tho 2 when I'm 2 high. I start hearin this fuckin christimas music n I get 2 deep in2 that shit. Some of them songs b more fucked up when u really listen. Who be writin this shit? Granmoms got run over by a reindeer? The fuck that even mean?? They got shit like baby it's cold outside basically the bill Cosby anthem. Momma kissing santa claus? U kno that santa ain't real right? That nigga get paid $11 a hour from the temp agency to dress up n let kids tell him what the fuck they want. Ur mom jus a ho if she kissin that scram ass dude. N why people let they kid sit on this old dude lap like that anyways? Nah nigga. Not my seeds.


U can str8 avoid all that shit if u gota friend wit a car thats bout that life. Best shit to do is take presents right off people porch when Amazon delivers it. U never kno what u gon get but that's the best part. Find you a nice quite neighborhood n then a spot wit no cars in the driveway n boxes on the porch. Eryone get shit delivered from Amazon these days.

Simple as that my Gs. I ben doin this 4 years now. Trust ya boy G FAM BLACK when I tell you. The small n medium boxes be the best. Used to go 4 the big boxes n mos the time shit just be groceries.

End of the day we unload the shit n see what we got. There b all type of shit. We even got dildos n blowup dolls n shit. Erything goes right up on Ebay. Cheap as fuck 2 so it all sell in a day. If im working wit jasmine n diana they each get bout 25% each n im keepin 50. If its jus one of them they get 25 n I get 75. They usually coppin work wit that paper so it's a win win 4 me.

Ill catch u in a week my Gs. Go support ur boy n cop SKI MASK DOWN on my bandcamp.


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