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How does the girl who “doesn't pay for weed” get her weed?

What's poppin my peoples? It's that nigga G FAM BLACK back at it like a crack addict. 

This week I wanna talk bout bitches. Specially bitches who smoke weed but say they dont pay 4 it. The worst kind. How come every hoe these days say they ain't pay 4 tree? Cuz they hoes. No lies. If ur homegirl say she dont pay 4 tree but always got some then she suckin or fuckin 4 it. That's 100% factual in every case. No lies. If ur bitch ass smokin hoes up 4 free then u gettin played. 


When bitches meet me at the club n see me smokin blunt after blunt some gas they be quick to float me they number. Every bitch wanna nigga to smoke em up. They in 4 a suprise when they hit me to link n ain't shit rolled up. 

I got this one hoe I met name Crystal. White girl. Swear she got some magic pussy. Bitch think she can send me nudes n ima smoke wit her without fuckin. I dont fuckin think so. Ain't no pics got me comin out my pocket wit bread or bud. Specially if they ain't fuckin or suckin. I got something 4 all them crystals out there. Shit is called Foria. This shit is a weed edible lubricant! This shit was made 4 Crystal. 

Next time Crystal hit u up to get high u tell her to swing thru the spot. When bitch show up n see u sitting there wit ur dick out n that bottle on the table she gon be confuse. That's when u let her kno. U ain't got no bud but u got edibles. U spray that Foria on ur dick n let her kno she gotta suck a nigga dick to get lit.


If u gotta Crystal that dont suck dick tell her to spray that on her sausage wallet. Then u can beat it up while she get high. If ur Crystal is anything like my Crystal u wanna strap up wit a magnum. Trust u not the first nigga to smash to get her high no matter how many times she say she dont normally do this. 

If u anything like my nigga Sam then u like a bitch to lick ur ass. Sometime a bitch act funny when u ask her. No worries my Gs. When Crystal come thru to get high u wanna spray that shit on ur ass n let that bitch go to work. If a bitch wanna get high enough she gon lick that ass clean. Bitch might find out she like eating ass after all. Now u doing her a service 2. It might b weird the first time but I promise nex time Crystal come thru to get high she gonna be ready to eat ass. 


Of course if u tryin to trick a bitch you can get those cannadom condoms. They colored green n they smell n taste like weed. These joints ain't getting u high tho but the Crystals out there dont kno that shit. Tell her the longer she suck that dick the higher she gon get. This 4 niggas that take a grip to nut. After u buss just tell her it take time to kick in n show her the door. If u plan on seeing the bitch again u dont wanna use this tactic cuz she not gon get high n u prolly not gon get that again. 

Theres other products u can try 2. They got infused whip cream n chocolate n cherry sauce. U can cop it at the dispensary or make it urself. I stick my dick right in the jar n let a bitch suck that shit off. Or if you my nigga Sam u put that shit right on ur ass n let a bitch do work. 

Ur welcome. I'll catch yall muthafucks in a week. EZ


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