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Potato Salad Almost Ruins Family

Hey Sharks!

Welcome back to Emjae’s Blog! Oh boy do I have a funny story to share with you this week. So, my sister threw my nephew a birthday party, just a BBQ style family party, nothing crazy. She asked me to makes mom’s potato salad (because I make it better than she does). I (the stoner) obviously wait till 9:00PM the night before to start it, since there’s no time like the very last minute!  All was going well… (hits bong)

I opened the pepper and poured it in as usual, without looking. Honestly, who has time to look before pouring! What a huge mistake! I poured it out of the spooning side not the sprinkling side. Seeing how I waited until the last minute I did not have time to do it over (well I didn’t want to do it over). How does one rectify such a fuck up you ask?!? Well, first of all, I took a bong rip of some Purple Trainwreck. Then,  I chose to put the top half of my Potato salad in a strainer and try rinsing the pepper off.  Did it work? I’ll let you know when I get there...  So I took my half rinsed pot salad out of the sink while dripping fluids out of my nose and eyes (the red eyes may not be from the pepper), mixed in my mayo, and prayed no one would notice the massive amount of pepper that DID NOT rinse out.  Back to your question, did it work? Hell to the NO.


Perfectly peppered potato anyone?

Perfectly peppered potato anyone?


The next morning I covered my mess up with real bacon bits because bacon fixes everything.  I also decided I would not tell anyone about my mess in hopes that no one noticed. Surprise they noticed!!! Not only did they all have something to say about my over peppering but apparently I under cooked the potatoes as well. Wow! Way to be grateful for me taking time out of my busy life to make potato salad for a party I’m a GUEST at. Anyone that knows me knows I can’t even make it anywhere on time due to my bunch of wild things. Never mind expect me to make EDIBLE food! I say it’s their fault for expecting too much from me.

To make matters worse my family is convinced that I fucked it up on purpose. Apparently they think I think if I make bad potato salad no one will ever ask me to make anything again. Let me let you all know that is not what happened but, I do hope it works out this way! I think that’s a genius move, that I am just not sharp enough to come up with… or am I? Nope I’m not… but maybe I am?  I’ll let you be the judge

Till next week, Keep Swimming, Keep smoking, keep smiling

xoxo Emjae



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