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G Fam's Gift Guide to 4/20.

Ayo whats good my Gs? Its ur favorit pothead since Bob Marley back at it again. We comin up on the best holiday of the year. The one all my pothead niggas love the most. 420. The day we all call off work and do dabs smoke blunts and eat edibles all day.

G Top.jpg

MUFUCKAS kno me 4 robberies but Ery year I give a few gifts out 2 a few of my tight weedsmokin niggas on 420. 2day ima go thru some of the dopest shit 2 give a pothead 4 420. Im gettin all this shit 4 my Gs.

I got these 3 hoes jasmine diana and Sarah that put on shows 4 niggas when they order a stripper from me. They all get on they knees and eat each other ass in a circle. These bitches have dudes throwin paper at them all night. I usually make a few stacks when I send em all out 2 a bachelor party. I call that shit the human centipede.

g cent.jpg

So last week i was at the east side smoke shop and found this human centipede glass pipe. That shit perfect 4 these hoes. There was 4 of them pipes there but they was $70 each. Fuck that. I seen a junkie on the block and gave him a couple jums 2 take them all 4 me. Stupid mufucka broke one but I still had 3 so I could give em 2 the hoes. Aint never gave my hoes shit so I kno they gon dig these mufuckin gifts real talk.

One of the only niggas I smoke bud wit besides hoes is my nigga Z. Dude drives an old ass 2 door chevy beretta with no front passenger seat. He sometime take me 2 make some plays and I always spark some kush wit him when we ride.

Im that nigga that smoke dumb weed all day but never have a lighter. N u kno how that be when u borrow a lighter from a nigga when u smoking. U never give that shit back. I took like 20 lighters from this dude the last few months.

This year I found a $3 gift 4 dude that gonna save him $50 in lighters ery couple months. Its called a lighter leash. Shit made 4 the weedsmokers as u can see. Next time I borrow that shit it gon be on a string so he gets it back. Next year ima get this dude a passenger seat so I dont sit on a milk crate in the passenger side of his ride no more.

g light 2.jpg
g light 1.jpg

i got this older white bitch that gotta kid same age as mines. I take my kid 2 the bus stop sometime and ery time I do this broad Angela try 2 holla at me in some flip flops. 1 time I took her up on her offer n went 2 her crib. Bitch sucked the soul out my dick. U kno I went back a few times. She cant get enough of that Vitamin d. So 4 this bitch ima get her some weed socks 4 her dirty ass feet n a weed lollipop 2 suck on when my dick aint around.

g sock.jpg
g lolli.jpg

My G Leo got out of prison a couple months back n dude needed a job. He needed a suit 2 go 2 his interview. So me bein the nice nigga I am I got him a suit. U kno this dumb mufucka went n got locked up again 4 smackin his girl? So fuck it. I got myself this bangin new suit. Shit 2 tight but ima make it work.

g suit.jpg

If ne of yall wanna get me a gift just get me some weed. Thats the only gift I want. Unless u a bad bitch just gimme some pussy. Ill see u next week my Gs.

G bud.png

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