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ASK G FAM: Anonymous - Why is it men will jerk...?

B4 I get started. This is a new thang Im tryin. If u gotta question or need advice hit my DM on facebook or my gram. U can hit my email 2 GEOFFBLACK@MAIL.COM.


ANONYMOUS : "Why is it men will jerk off to hard penetration porn but won’t jerk off to tranny porn? It’s really like watching two girls fuck n then there’s a dick in the middle it’s pretty cool"

Well I guess we goin all the way in on the first question. I can tell this mufucka been dyin 2 ask someone this question. N thats what Im here 4 my Gs. First things first i had 2 roll up a face blunt like dabbin aladdin do. N shout 2 my niggas on the gram @good2grow_ma that bless me wit a 3.5 of that hit girl to sample. Here go a tip... dont roll all that shit in 1 blunt n try to take it 2 the face.

I never got down wit no tranny porn or no tranny nothing. Except 1 time I was watching 2 bitches scissor fucking. Right when I was bout 2 nut they stopped n 1 of them had a dick. I wasnt diggin that shit at all. I was locked up 4 a decade str8 n still had no type of want 2 fuck a tranny. Dont get it twisted tho. I kno a few real niggas that does. When I was locked up a couple of my Gs fucked this tranny chick name Eddie all the time. Cats wit that life sentence be quick 2 fuck a tranny cuz they got nuttin else 2 work wit. Me ima jus beat my dick 2 pics that hoes was sendin me up there. N lemme get this clear. No 1 get more pics from bitches than a nigga in prison. Str8 up n down. No lies..


What fuck me up about this question is that the nigga who asked it aint locked up aint never been locked up. He a real one tho so Im like damn am I missing out? How could a real nigga tell me its pretty cool n me just ignore it.

So ur boy went on a adventure str8 2 pornhub 2 do the research. The categories I usually fuck wit is that rough shit. 4 some reason a bitch cryin wit a dick in her butt get me off quick. This time I went 2 the tranny section. First 5 videos I clicked was all tranny bitches fuckin dudes in the ass.. finally I did a search 4 girl on girl tranny porn. I put it up on the TV n what happen next? My BM walk right thru the door. Tried 2 tell the ho I was doin research but she still kicked me out.


I went right 2 the block n loaded that shit up on my cell phone. Couldnt watch more than 5 minutes. My dick aint get hard not even a tingle. Shit nasty as fuck. Fuck wrong wit the nigga that ask this question? Lucky I dont expose ur nasty ass sun. so in conclusion men dont watch this shit cuz its gay. Most of that shit is dudes wit titties fuckin dudes wit no titties. Sometime it a dude wit titties fuckin a bitch wit titties. I dont like that shit either. Its not cool. N its not the same..


Hope I help answer ur weird ass fantasy question u fuckin creep. If u gotta problem n need advice or just gotta question 4 me hit me up. As u can see nuttin is off the table n I wont tell no 1 bout yall sick ideas.

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