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Talking Seaweed is a cannabis lifestyle brand founded on the East coast in 2018. Through multi-media, comedy and live events Talking Seaweed is not only giving the entire industry a platform to laugh, learn and reach everyday consumers, but we’re also consistently influencing and defining the East coast cannabis lifestyle. From producing full length (Netflix style) series’, to podcasts, to professional photography, TS delivers high quality, consistent content while fully immersing themselves in the cannabis industry and culture.

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Baggin' bitches at the grocery store with G Fam Black.

What it is my Gs? Its ur BMs favorite rapper G FAM BLACK back in ur browser like pornhub. I gotta question 4 u mufuckas right now. Whats ur favorite shit 2 do when u smoked the fuck out?? 1 , 2 , 3 ..BAG BITCHES! Yeah me 2 !

u not catchin me in no club buyin bitches drinks tho. N just cuz u see me smokin dont think u smokin my weed neither. Nah I bag hoes in practical ways. favorite spot. Grocery store. The easiest n funnest way 2 pick up hoes.

g pick up.jpg

So if u kno me by now u kno Im not the pickiest cat in the kennel so my aim b low. Better chances my Gs. im lookin 4 bitches that would fuck wit a G in a ski mask. No standards. Im scopin the isles lookin for bitches buyin they kids that cheap cereal in a bag n that off brand shit.

g cereal.jpg

if u lookin 4 white bitches all u need 2 do is relate 2 em. ALWAYS have mayo in ur carrage. Talk 2 em bout food they like. Green bean casserole.  Mash potato. Fancy mac n cheese.  Matter fact fancy cheese all 2gether. i found out years ago white folk love them some cheeses. DONT get caught wit any spices in ur shit. that gon intimidayte em. If u never been 2 a white cookout jus trust they got the most plain tastin food in the world. they potato salad dont even taste like potato salad..

g mayo.jpg

Always look 4 a bitch wit kids. The more seeds the better. Right now is tax season my Gs. We all need a bitch wit kids that we can claim on our taxes. Check out is the number 1 spot u wanna pay attention n b on ur A1 game. Get near one of the hoes is bonus point cuz u out here smellin like freshly smoked kush. Sometime I walk around wit a zip open in my pocket. Ery one of us kno that shit right there is the best colone 2 any broke bitch. Str8 afrodeeziac. Not only that u wana pay attention 2 how she paying for them items.

g kids.jpg

Regular cash money or debit. Nah ima pass that 1 up for a bitch using wic or ebt if there is 1 around. Now thats A game material. Never met a bitch on ebt I cant fuck. No lies. Plus u kno the bitch gonna have a fridge stock full of food. Look for bitches wit good food  2 cuz u r gonna b eating this ho food for a while. Me i like 2 look 2 see if them hoes getting breakfast food. Eggs n turkey bacon I might put a ring on it.

But the jackpot is a chick paying wit 1s. chances is that she strip for paper. No morals. Fucks 4 bread. That the type of ho I want 2 recruit. Soon that stack of 1s gon be my rent $$$.  U might catch me help bitch put away her groceries in her car 2 b4 I slip her my math n b out. Hope yall mufuckas put this shit to use. Trust I got mad more spots too. I will put u on another time. Catch me here in a week.

- G Fam Black

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