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I'll be the Judge of That... Strain: Miss USA

Miss USA (Strawberry Banana #1 x Kosherdawg) by DNA Genetics/Crockett Family Farms (the well known creators of Tangie and Chocolope, amongst many other strains) is aptly named; easy on the eyes and heavy on the head. With a reputation for reaching over 30% THC if properly grown, she is making quite the name for herself. Noted for having high myrcene and limonene levels, she is said to be a heavy hitter; time to put her through the paces.


Her bag appeal is extremely high with a generous coat of trichomes blanketing her densely packed, kush-like bud structure, its easy to see the Kosherdawg lineage. The nose is very earthy (thanks to the high levels of myrcene), with a hint of sugar cookies on the tail end. Not too much of her Strawberry Banana side comes through, if at all, upon first sniff. There is a mild fruitiness there, an almost fermented fruit aroma, which peeks through once you start to break up one of her buds.


Bud feel is very impressive, with a subtle give when squeezed and an ample coating of resin on the fingers. She is one frosty strain for sure, trich stacked upon trich producing a resin taco appearance when observed at the macro level. I'm definitely a fan of her on the break up, I'm always game for some finger hash and she doesn't disappoint there.


She rolls nice and smokes even nicer, this is where her Strawberry Banana side shows through. Her pillowy smoke is gentle on the lungs, rarely eliciting a cough, leaving a mellow yet sweet bouquet of aromatics across the palette. There are subtle fruit notes; berries and melon - but the earthiness of the myrcene cuts through and is the real star of the show.

She is definitely a heavy hitter as advertised, no doubt. Her effects are not subtle by any means, bringing an overall calm and sedating effect within the first 10 minutes of lighting up. I would not recommend her mid day for low tolerance smokers. She will put you to sleep if you aren't accustomed to strong indica dominant strains. Miss USA is a clear winner for evening/bed time sessions and general pain relief. 


Overall, I am impressed with this strain, DNA Genetics/Crockett Family Farms has done it again. She's a treat to smoke, does her job exceptionally well and kept me coming back for another toke. As always, your mileage may vary, but I can confidently give Miss USA a 4 out of 5 blunts.

 - Judge The Disciple

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