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G Fam Black - Black History Month

What up my Gs?? It's that time of the year again. Black history month. A time when we reflect on them mufuckas that paved the way b4 us so we can do what we do in 2019.

U got heroes like the bishop Don magic Juan who help put pimpin on the map. That nigga right there inspired my uncle Douglas 2 sell my aunty pussy when times was tuff. That's what put me on 2 pimpin. SALUTE the OG pimp. My G made it cool 2 be flashy. Matter fact here go a pic of uncle douglas from back in the day wit my aunty n some other bitch. Lotta niggas say I look jus like him.


Another 1 of my heroes is the original freeway ricky ross. This is the nigga who brought crack 2 the hood. My nigga was a kingpin 2. he like the real life Nino Brown. Fuck scarface. Ricky ross a OG. This Nigga got cake n when they put him in prison my nigga got life in 96. 2009 my g gets out n writes a auto biography. Dude such a g that rappers freeway n rick ross both took half his name.

Some of u kno some dont but I got black history in my own fuckin DNA no lies. My grandpops name Earl Blackwell was a boss. Brother smoked a ounce ery 2 days. Had a gang of rollin papers. 1 day my grandmom cauht this dude laid up in bed wit a hooker n she threw all his weed n papers out. He had a lil stash but no papers so he made a pipe out of a apple. This bef any of u mufuckas even heard of that. Dude a fuckin genius.

Here was a old poloaroid of him n the pipe. Kept that mufucka 4 like 2 weeks til that bitch rotted out. He never used papers again. Any fruit u think of he smoke out of no lies. Bananas grapefruits tomatos erything. SALUTE the og legend.


Another one of my grandpop inventions was the sploof.  well that what he called it. Most college kids used this when they smoke bud in they dormroom . Its basically what u use 2 keep the weed smell out ur room. He had 2 use this back in the day when my grandmom had company.

Its ez af 2 make. take a toilet paper rooll n stick 3 dryer sheets in that mufucka n put elastic around it on the outside.  Ery time u take a hit blow the smoke in2 the tp roll n it come out smellin like downy.  again genius


So that my 2 cent bout black history month. Make sure yall bigup the cats that pave the way 4 us. N that dont matter if u dark skin lite skin or white. Even the pastiest ginger out there has black folk 2 thank. catch u mufuckas in a week.


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